"The Unique Covered Can Insulator"
(Patent Pending)

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Mission: To Cover and Protect Every Can in America

Why KoolTop(R)?

Why KoolTop(R)?


You're the only person that can answer the true reason for buying KoolTop(R).

There are several strong reasons to buy it, but it just depends on who you are. Let us give you a few examples.



* Provides protection from hymenoptera, commonly known as stings by bees, wasps, yellow jackets, as well as dirt or blown sand.

* It keeps your beverage colder for a longer period of time.  

* Collapses flat for easy storage (ex. beach and golf bags).

* Fits in most drink consoles (ex. automobiles, boats and golf carts).

* Its simple and functional, so anyone can use it.


Promotional/Trade show Manager:

Excellent give-away that will actually be used over and over again in different places and seen by others.  Great mobile billboard.

* Three available printing locations (top flap, front and back panels) to maximize corporate graphics and advertising message.

* People will identify your company not only as conscientious toward consumer health, but also unique and innovative.

* See Consumer reasons


Product/Marketing Manger:

* Inexpensive OEM product to enhance sales and marketing.

* Efficiently made and priced to allow for profitable retail sales.

* Available in pre-packaged header cards and shipper/display cartons.

* See Consumer and Promotional Manager reasons.


Customer Relations Manager:

* Inexpensive gift for opening a new account, placing a recent order or allowing a service or installation to be done.

* Gift or reward for participating in a customer loyalty program.


Fundraiser/Non-Profit Organizations:

* Available in pink to support the several generous cancer fund raisers.

* Great item to include in supplemental packages for donations and pledges to Non-Profit organizations or charities.

* Camouflage colors available to allow an excellent opportunity to raise monies or include in care packages for our troops.




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