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For generations, people have consumed their beverage of choice, from a can. Over the years, the packaging industry has evolved, bringing us new and different beverage containers, but the majority of beverages still come out of a can.


We enjoy the cans portability and functionality everywhere from sporting events, social gatherings, family cookouts, trips to the beach or a relaxing day of golf with friends. We all transport and consume our beverages out of the familiar can.


The problem we run into is when we put down that opened can and take our eyes off of it. We eventually have the unfortunate occurrence of dirt, sand or insects making its way in our beverages. There are many times when the beverage is wasted and must be discarded. The worst case scenario is when we don't realize that a bee or hornet flies in the can and we accidentally drink it. This can be very serious, resulting quite often with several stings in the mouth area and in some rare cases, has resulted in death.


There are many products on the market that provide insulation to keep your beverage cold longer but very few which provide protection against the above scenarios. The ones that currently attempt to do this are expensive, bulky, and difficult to store when not in use, or have multiple parts to them - if you lose a single piece they become useless.


KoolTop's(R) unique design and one-piece construction is the simple and cost effective solution. Marketing people favor it for the quality advertising space available. People enjoy using it for the coverage and safety it provides when drinking from their can.




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